Full-Scale Tests In A Furnished Living Room To Evaluate The Fire Performance Of Protected Cross-Laminated And Nail-Laminated Timber Construction

The objective of the two tests described in this report was to evaluate the performance of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and nail laminated timber (NLT) construction protected with two layers of %-in. (16-mm) type X gypsum board when exposed to the thermal environment of a severe living room fire for the American Wood Council (Client), located in Leesburg, Virginia. The tests were conducted on September 3 and 15, 2015, at Southwest Research Institute’s (SwRI’s) Fire Technology Department, located in San Antonio, Texas. This report describes the testing of the assemblies that were evaluated and the results that were obtained. The results presented in this report apply specifically to the materials and products tested and in the manner tested…

courtesy, American Wood Council, Leesburg, VA

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