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Görlacher, Rainer
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International Network on Timber Engineering Research
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Prof. Hans Blass welcomed the delegates to the 5th International Network of Timber Engineering Research (INTER) which constitutes the 51st meeting of the group including the series of former CIB-W18 meetings. INTER continues the tradition of yearly meetings to discuss research results related to timber structures with the aim of transferring them into practical applications. The attendance of the yearly meetings is a clear indication of the high interest in the work of the group. The chair thanked A Just and his team J Liblik, K N Mäger and E Tuhkanen from Tallinn University of Technology for hosting the meeting. There were 26 papers accepted for this meeting. The papers were selected based on a review process for the abstracts with 4 acceptance criteria (state of the art, originality, assumed content, and relation to standards or codes). Papers brought directly to the meeting were not accepted for presentation, discussions, or publication. Same rule applied to papers where none of the authors was present or papers which were not defended by one of the authors. The presentations were limited to 20 minutes each, allowing time for meaningful discussions after each presentation. The Chair asked the presenters to conclude the presentation with a general proposal or statement concerning the impact of the research results on existing or future potential applications and development in codes and standards. The topics covered in this meeting were: Serviceability (2), Glued Joints (1), Fire (1), Structural Stability (1), Laminated Members (5), Environmental Conditions (1), Timber Beams (1), Timber Joints and Fasteners (13), Stresses for Solid Timber (1). Numbers in parentheses are the number of papers presented in each topic based on initial allocation. The participants could present notes towards the end of the technical session. R Görlacher brought a list of intended note presentations. Participants intending to present notes that were not on the list would need to notify R Görlacher accordingly. An address list of the participants was circulated for verification of accuracy. J Kurnitski Head of Dept. of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Tallinn University of Technology gave a welcoming address. A Just welcomed the participants and made housekeeping announcements.
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